A. This organization shall be known as the Bioengineering Student Society
B. The purpose of this organization shall be to further social and academic interests of students interested in Bioengineering


A. All currently enrolled students in a graduate program at Rutgers University or UMDNJ shall be members


A. At least one regolar meeting shall be held each semester, the time and place of the first meeting shall be determined by the president
B. At the first meeting, the organization shall establish a regolar meeting time, date and place for the academic year
C. Special meetings may be called by the president upon written request by the members of the organization
D. A quorum for all regolar and special meetings shall consist of two-thirds of the officers including either the President or Vice-president.
E. Any situation not provided for in this constitution shall be decided in accord to Robert’s Roles of Order, revised


A. Elected officers of the Bioengineering Student Society shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and GSA Representative
B. All officers shall serve without salary or financial remuneration
C. The president shall:

  1. Preside at any meetings of the organization
  2. Call special meetings when requested under Article III, section C
  3. Perform other duties as customarily pertain to the office of the president

D. The vice-president shall:

  1. Be an aide to the president, and, in case of an absence or disability of the president, pro tempore assume and perform duties of the president

E. The secretary shall:

  1. Keep a record of all meeting proceedings
  2. Conduct correspondence of the organization
  3. Send a brief meeting minutes to members/officers

F. The treasurer shall:

  1. Maintain the financial records of the organization
  2. Be responsible for receiving all revenue of the organization
  3. Pay all authorized bills for the organization
  4. Render an account at each meeting, or more often if required, or all receipts and expenditures
  5. Submit at the last meeting of the Spring term, a written detailed annual report of the income and expenditures of the organization

G. The GSA representative shall:

  1. Attend all GSA meetings serving as a representative of the Bioengineering Student Society
  2. Report findings to the officers following the GSA meeting and to the members at large at the Bioengineering Student Senate meetings


A. The standing committees of this organization shall be:

  1. BESS Newsletter Column
  2. BME Industrial Interactions
  3. Graduate Student Orientation
  4. Lab Interactions
  5. Peer Mentoring
  6. Publicity
  7. Research Luncheons
  8. Social Outings
  9. Social Outreach
  10. Trade Show
  11. B. Each committee chairperson shall:

  12. Be responsible for all the activities of the committee
  13. Be responsible for all proper financial accounting of the committee under the supervision of the Treasurer
  14. Submit a written report of the activities of that committee at the last regolar meeting of the Spring term and be prepared to report orally at each meeting
  15. Carry out all directions of the organization
  16. Serve without salary or remuneration

    A. Elections:

    1. Officers and Committee Chairpersons shall be elected by a majority vote of the legal votes cast by the members of the organization.
    2. Election will be held on the first meeting of the academic year
    3. Officers/Chairpersons shall take over within two weeks of the completion of the election and serve till the next election (1 yr)
    4. Officers/Chairpersons shall not serve for more than 2 terms on the same position, where a term is designated as an academic year
    5. B. Vacancies: If an elected officer/committee chair shall become vacant, the president shall order at the earliest possible date a special meeting of the organization for the purpose of filling such an office. The member elected shall immediately enter upon his/her duties and remain in office until the next election


      A. The proposed amendment must be submitted to the secretary in writing no fewer than 50% of active members in the organization
      B. The proposed amendment shall be discussed at the next regolar meeting after the meeting it was submitted, providing all members of the organization have been previously informed of its contents
      C. Two-thirds of the legal votes cast shall be required to pass the amendment


      A. A member of the facolty in any graduate program related to bioengineering and with a strong interest in bioengineering shall serve as the advisor to the organization.


      A. This organization shall be in foll compliance with all pertinent University Regolations and any other roles, regolations and policies of Rutgers University that may be relevant to its activities